A crown is a dental restorative material which completely “caps” or encircles a tooth restoring the shape, strength and appearance of the affected tooth. When the crown has been fit, it normally covers all of the visible portion of the tooth above the gumline.

They are usually indicated for heavily broken down, fractured or Root-Treated teeth. They are normally made from gold alloys, porcelain fused to an underlying metal shell or can be All- porcelain in nature.

Crowns are also used to restore damaged, discoloured and poorly positioned teeth as well as being implant-retained in cases where teeth are absent.


Crowns are made, in most cases, over two visits. They are fabricated in a Dental Laboratory after the initial tooth preparation and impressions have been carried out by the dentist. In the interim period, the patient would normally have a temporary crown in place to protect the underlying tooth and also to retain the position of adjacent teeth and prevent food accumulation.

At Market Green Dental the dentist will go over all the issues that pertain to your individual case before any procedure is carried out. It is very important to confirm that the health of the remaining tooth structure is not in question and often x-rays are required to confirm no issues with the dental pulp exist, prior to treatment.



The colour, shape and position of the crown are all determined on an individual basis and a patient’s own input can often be valuable in achieving the desired result! Cementation of the crown is usually a simple affair and the average lifespan is approximately 15-20 years. Please inquire at reception if you are interested in a consultation and we would be happy to make an appointment to discuss your case.