Frequently Asked Questions

I have never been to the Practice before. How do I become a patient?

It could not be simpler. Just ring 021-4634930 or email and we will arrange an appointment that is convenient for you.

We do not require any previous Dental records and if this proves necessary, we can always contact your previous dentist and arrange for copies. After your first examination, you are automatically a registered patient and once we have a mobile contact number, we can send text reminders for any future appointments that you may have.

All patients are welcome, including Medical Card Holders and PRSI-entitled as well as Privately of course.

Please note ; in cases where you cannot make an intended appointment with us, phone us immediately so that we can make the time slot available to any emergency cases and avoid any cancellation fees applicable where no notice has been given. We are quite understanding in cases where an attempt has been made to let us know! Thank you for your understanding!


Do you charge for missed appointments?

As stated in the previous question, we have a policy where 24 hours notice is needed for no fee to apply. However, we are reasonable and if a reasonable attempt has been made to let us know  by phone so that we can offer the time slot to another patient, then the fee will be waived if the slot can be filled in time. The cost is normally based on the amount of time involved and the frequency with which cancellation occurs. Daily emergencies do occur and it may not be possible for any notice to be given by the patient…we will deal with this compassionately on an individual basis.


What do I do if I have a Dental Emergency?

IN the unfortunate event that you have an emergency that cannot wait, please phone the practice on 021-4634930 and we will do all we can to arrange attention fast. The earlier in the day that you ring, it is much more likely that we will be able to see you on the same day. We endeavour to see all emergencies within 24 hrs of your call. If it occurs out of normal working hours, then phone the same number and leave a message and we’ll return the call ASAP!


What can I do if I loosen or knock a tooth out?

Firstly, keep the tooth. Don’t throw it away! If it is clean and it has just happened then rinse your mouth with salt water and in some cases (as long as a blood clot has not formed ), it may even be possible to push it back into the socket!..Ensure it is facing the right way! Then come and see us straight away!

If this is not possible or you are unwilling, then place the tooth in a little jar of milk or your cheek pouch(be careful not to swallow it) to keep it hydrated. Do not wash/scrub the tooth itself. Try and get to see us within the hour and we’ll take it from there. If you cannot get to Market Green Dental, then try an alternative dentist or even the Dental Hospital in Cork (phone:021-4901100). Time is of the essence, if we wish to try and keep the tooth for any viable timeframe. Pain relief e.g. Paracetamol is OK but avoid Aspirin or other NSAID’s as these may increase your bleeding tendancy.

The main thing is not to panic, keep the tooth hydrated in milk preferably, and get to a Dentist as soon as you can. Remember, baby teeth (deciduous teeth) can also fall out up to the age of 14 and in these cases there is no cause for panic. Teeth can be placed back in the mouth when they have fallen out but it is usually a solution which requires more Dental work in the short and longer term.


I am really scared of the Dentist! What are my options?!

Being scared of the Dentist is an unfortunate reality for some patients. The degree of fear and reasons for that fear vary quite a bit but there is a definite psychological reaction to sitting in a Dental chair. Whatever the cause, we will do our utmost to help you through the process in a caring, thoughtful manner! The first thing is to let reception know that you are nervous, because, on a busy day we can often proceed too casually or speedily through routine visits, which are anything but routine for you! Once this has been highlighted, i normally only wish to have an examination/consultation on that first visit. This means a quick review of the dental problems and a more thorough discussion with the patient to see how best to manage your individual case.

This might be something as simple as not placing the patient too far back in the chair (where possible), shorter appointment durations to minimise chair time, more simple dental work initially to help find your confidence after a long period away from Dentistry. Also, some cases can be managed with a little pharmaceutical help such as anti-anxiety tablets prior to treatment. In more severe phobic cases, management may not be possible in general practice and we can determine what treatment is needed and arrange to have this done under a General Anesthetic( G.A.) or even Intra-Venous (I.V.) sedation.

The main thing to remember is that we will take you seriously, provide a caring, non-judgemental environment  and help guide you through the stressful event.


Why do I need to see the Dental Hygienist?

A hygienist is specially trained member of the Dental team that helps support the dentist in the care of your gums to help avoid the biggest cause of tooth loss which is Gum Disease (or Periodontal Disease)!They will provide a continuation of the support from the dentist and often we work in tandem when active gum disease exists@. The hygienist will educate, clean and provide deeper  cleaning under aesthetic to help prevent periodontal disease. Often the hygienist is advocated when a simple 1 or 2 visit cleaning will not suffice to manage and stabilise a damaged dental situation. These patients often need ongoing observation and maintenance therapy with the hygienist over a prolonged period and sometimes forever, to help avoid further tooth loss! Some patients who are immunocompromised or have conditions e.g.. Diabetes are most likely to suffer Gum Disease and benefit hugely with the Hygienist!


Are Dental X-Rays dangerous?

The amount of radiation received from a dental X-Ray is extremely small and as we use digital x-rays at Market Green Dental, it is even further reduced. Background radiation is everywhere and to give an idea, if you travelled to Spain by plane, it would have a radiation equivalent to two Dental X-Rays! However, radiation has an additive (cumulative) effect so all the exposure over a lifetime adds up…for this reason they are only taken when extra diagnostic information is required by the dentist. This improves our ability to detect problems earlier and prevent infection and further tooth destruction in a timely fashion, thus saving the patient pain and extra financial costs. Under recent guidelines, it is not required to place a lead apron for all Dental X-rays due to the lack of scatter with modern units and the low doses involved. I do, however, use them where an X-Ray is absolutely necessary in a case where the patient is suspected of being pregnant. Please ask Niall, if you have any further concerns.


What methods of payment are accepted?

We accept all major Credit and Debit Cards as well as Cash of course. Personal Cheques are accepted up to a maximum of 100 euro. Payment is normally on a pay-as-you-go basis, but in some cases there may be a large complicated treatment plan. This is normally discussed at the outset with the Dentist and a written Plan itemising the proposed Plan is given to the patient. A Payment Plan can then be agreed by both parties. Furthermore, a 20 % tax rebate is available on certain high-end treatments such as Crowns or Root Canals. A MED2 form and itemised receipt is given to the patient at the end of treatment and they send this on with a MED1 form from the local Tax Offices, to benefit from this rebate.


What are the signs of Mouth Cancer?

Did you know that there are 300 cases of Oral Cancer (oral cavity and pharynx(throat)), reported every year in Ireland? They tend to be more common in men than women but this trend is changing. There has been a 3% increase every year since 1994 in the female incidence so it is something which we cannot ignore! It can appear in many different forms and in any region of the mouth. It can vary from  red/white patches on the mucosa to chronic ulcers which refuse to heal. Other symptoms occur too such as pain, difficulty swallowing, persistent throat irritation, swelling or lumps, numbness, recurrent bleeding etc..

There are certain risk factors which increase the likelihood of developing Oral Cancer such as Smoking, excessive Alcohol intake, chewing Tobacco, excessive Sun Exposure, Dietary deficiencies and certain Viruses (e.g. HPV, HIV etc). Early detection plays a huge role in the safe management and treatment of these cancers! Survival rates increase significantly with early detection and the Dentist plays a very important role in the detection process! It is very unfortunate that the fear of being told that a cancer exists, outweighs the desire to have the suspected lesions checked out by professionals!. for this reason, it is often the people who need assessment the most who are the least likely to attend! This is where family support and Friends come in because, if you suspect that someone close has an issue, you are best positioned to help convince them to attend their Dentist (any Dentist will do but any patient is more than welcome to Market Green Dental Care!). At our practice, there will never be a charge for this screening as it only takes a short visit to address the issue and it could save a life!

Further information is available at


Can I attend if I have a Cold-Sore?

Cold Sores are a real pain and there is no magic solution!. They are caused by the Herpes Simplex Virus, and are usually triggered by trauma, direct sunlight or lowered immunity (e.g.. when sick). They are very infectious, especially when blistering. Anti-Viral Creams such as Acyclovir should be topically placed as soon as symptoms appear…these are available over-the-counter nowadays. Dental treatment may aggravate the blister, cause it to bleed, spread or crack painfully so if the region affected is large and likely to be traumatised with Dental work, then I would advise to contact the practice ASAP and rearrange for a few weeks later when all will be healed up. if it is just a simple examination, then the likelihood of it being traumatised is very low. If in doubt, please ring us and we can see what suits best.


What can I do if I am unhappy with my Treatment at Market Green Dental Care?

We do not take lightly our motto of “your care is our commitment” and thankfully there have been very few dissatisfied customers. (only 1 actually springs to mind !) However, we pride ourselves on being a compassionate and balanced team of individuals so any cases of dissatisfaction will be treated seriously. We are human and it would be unrealistic to expect that we’ll always get it right; but by informing us (as early as possible) of any of your concerns/issues, we can use this opportunity as a positive tool to help restore the relationship and trust that we all want.

As we are a small busy family practice, it might not always be possible to deal immediately with any issues but once notified that there is any complaint, I will make contact by phone before the end of the same day!

If the matter is Clinical or Treatment related, then only the Dentist can address any issues and clear, unemotional communication normally helps to resolve most issues. (We’ll try to remember that too!). If you are uncomfortable doing this face-face, it would be acceptable, initially at least, to send a letter/email to the practice for the Dentists attention and if there is any way to resolve your dissatisfaction, please believe we will try our best to provide a fair result to all parties! Alternatively, speak to one of the Staff (Eithne or Fiona), and they can pass along any concerns. It is in our best interest to resolve things happily for everyone, so that our good reputation is retained and your trust was not misplaced! Please don’t sit and stew and talk behind our backs as we may have no idea that you feel unhappy in the first place and it does nothing to help fix things either. Thank you and I hope you’ll never need this information again!