A message from the team during Covid 19

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The past year of 2020 has had a huge impact on all of us and I would like to extend our best wishes to all that have suffered ( in whatever manner) as a consequence of Covid 19.When the crisis hit in March 2020, we felt it appropriate to close the practice for a couple of months to maximise safety for all, as it was an unknown virus up until then. Subsequently, after the mode of transmission and the risks became more scientifically understood by the Dental community, we were, and are more confident that the precautions we are taking give...

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Dental Health-Why does it matter?

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    Until recent years the role or Oral health and the importance of the Mouth-Body connection has been under-appreciated even amongst health professionals. Oral Disease is one of the most common diseases we experience and it remains a significant Public health problem for many industrialised countries where expenditure on treatment often exceeds that for other diseases including Cancer, Heart disease, Stroke and Dementia!! In spite of recent advances in Prevention, in Ireland, we still have approximately 42% of 5 year olds, 50% of...

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Halloween is Coming… What Treats will you be getting?

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Halloween is Coming… What Treats will you be getting?

Dental tips and tricks for your little ones this Halloween While Halloween is an exciting time for kid’s, it can be a nightmare for many parents. Dr. Niall Sharkey at Market Green Dental Care would like to share Colgate’s helpful tips + advice on how to prevent cavities this Halloween. COLGATES WORST AND (BEST) SWEETS FOR KIDS AT HALLOWEEN Hard Candy You might think sticky, gooey candies would harm teeth the most, but they do not. Lollipops and hard candies lingering in your child’s mouth subject the teeth to the most dental damage....

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Tooth Whitening- Q+A

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What happens during the treatment process? The process is relatively simple, involving just a few steps. Initially, your teeth and gums are checked to ensure that you are dentally fit and a good candidate for whitening. Then impressions are taken, and a custom-made tray that fits exactly to your mouth will be fabricated.  You will then be shown how to use the whitening gel, which is placed in the tray and worn through the night as you sleep. The trays are extremely thin and comfortable to wear, people rarely have any problems sleeping with...

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Amalgam Usage…Changes

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FYI.. Recent review of the use of Amalgam in Dentistry has prompted the Irish Dental Council to recommend the avoiding the use of Amalgam in children under age 13 yrs. It has been under steady international review since the Minamata Convention and there seems to be a global trend to phasing out Amalgam over the coming years. It is still considered safe to use for an individual but it’s the waste disposal of unused product that forms the main stumbling block with it’s ongoing usage in Dentistry. At MGDC we have this safety  at the...

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Wedding Packages

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We are currently offering DISCOUNTS on TEETH WHITENING* for those of you getting married! For the BRIDE & GROOM : Purchase one get one half price! For the BRIDAL PARTY (3 or more): Each person gets a 30% discount! *Standard price: €250.    

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New Website!

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Hello and Welcome to our New Website! I hope you find it informative and helpful and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our Patients/Customers for your custom over the years and I hope you continue to enjoy/benefit from the services that we provide! Please keep an eye on the Homepage for any Offers/Tips/ Rewards etc that we shall be posting in due course. Sincerely, Niall Sharkey+ Team.

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