We are very thankful to all of our patients for their continuing support, and hope that all patients feel the benefits of having been treated at Market Green Dental Care. We are ,fortunately, a very busy family practice, and it is with a certain amount of regret that we have had to institute certain changes regarding the making/breaking of appointments since 2013. IN that year we lost almost 30 days of chairside time due to missed appointments and lack of attendance! This occurred , even though we have a courtesy service of text reminders which normally give the patient up to 48 hrs notice. This is only a courtesy and as we cannot always have 100% delivery success (due to different mobile providers); It is up to the patient to make sure they attend any arranged visits with us!

Rather than penalising all our patients with a price increase to cover this offset, we have instituted the following policies, so that only the people who cause down time, are affected.

However, we are fully aware that emergencies do happen which are genuine and outside of anyones control! Should this happen, please contact us as soon as practicable, and we will take into account your reason. Sometimes the fee can be waived and this will be at the Dentist’s discretion.


WE require a minimum period of 48 hours in the event that you need to cancel any appointment over 15 minutes in duration.

We require a period of 72 hours in the event that your appointment duration is longer than 45 minutes.

Failure to attend or give appropriate notice will result in a fee, appropriate to the time and costs incurred due to your absence. (Approx. 1Euro/minute on average)



A deposit is required for dental appointments longer than 25 minutes. The amount is in line with the duration of the appointment e.g.. €30 for 30 minutes;€45 for 45 minutes etc. Anything above 1 hour will be €100.

Your deposit is held by us until your final visit (or whenever you decide to cease your treatment) and it is then put towards the cost of that final treatment. However, if there is an appointment was made and unattended (see above), then the deposit is put towards the failure fee as outlined.


Thank you for your co-operation and understanding, but this avoids any misunderstandings and confrontations which would otherwise occur. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.