Restorative Treatments

Restorative treatments are Dental procedures which involve any alteration to the teeth


There can be many reasons for this but the most common is to restore weak or damaged teeth back to a healthy state. Treatment such as Gum (periodontal) treatments and Extractions are not considered Restorative in nature. Restorative Therapy is generally divided into two categories :

  1. Direct — Treatments carried out by the dentist chair- side e.g. fillings, composite bonding etc.
  2. Indirect — Treatments involving the use of a laboratory to manufacture restorations which are subsequently placed in the mouth at a separate appointment e.g. Crowns, Veneers etc.

Furthermore, restorations are used to alter the shape, profile and appearance of teeth for more cosmetic reasons. These procedures have become far more commonplace in todays marketplace and if there is any aspect of your smile that bothers you, please contact us and let us know or else mention it to the dentist at your next routine appointment…I am often surprised by how many patients that regularly attend the practice and who do NOT express their own concerns regarding their smiles!

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Fillings are used to restore teeth to their original shape and size. They are mainly used in cases of tooth decay (caries) which is a bacterial destruction of healthy tooth structure. However, they are also helpful in cases where teeth have become worn...

Inlays & Onlays

There are certain circumstances when it is not possible to restore a heavily broken down tooth with a conventional filling. In these cases a laboratory-made restoration called an inlay or onlay is fabricated. They are usually made from either gold alloy,...


A crown is a dental restorative material which completely "caps" or encircles a tooth restoring the shape, strength and appearance of the affected tooth. When the crown has been fit, it normally covers all of the visible portion of the tooth above the...


Endodontics or "Root Canal Treatment" (RCT) is the name given to the treatment of the diseased pulp (nerve) or tissues of the tooth. It can vary from a milder form of treatment such as placing a topical antibiotic onto an inflamed nerve to a more definitive ...