A message from the team during Covid 19

The past year of 2020 has had a huge impact on all of us and I would like to extend our best wishes to all that have suffered ( in whatever manner) as a consequence of Covid 19.
When the crisis hit in March 2020, we felt it appropriate to close the practice for a couple of months to maximise safety for all, as it was an unknown virus up until then.
Subsequently, after the mode of transmission and the risks became more scientifically understood by the Dental community, we were, and are more confident that the precautions we are taking give safety to both staff and the public.
This is why I write this article; to assuage any concerns that we are not constantly continuing to do all in our power to prevent risk of contamination and to provide a safe environment for our customers. We want everyone to be confident that they are in good hands!

The team at Market Green Dental Care have daily procedures in place which give an added layer of security, on top of all the measures you would expect in a clinical dental environment. I also have installed an air purifier in the surgery to kill viruses (including Covid) and recycle clean air multiple times hourly.
We are very lucky to have a large adjacent car park and shopping centre to minimise almost completely contacts between members of the public when they visit us and we can then disinfect all surfaces on completion of their dentistry before anyone else enters the building. This has huge protection value for our patients and we hope and trust that you can be patient with the added delay and inconvenience that this has had. However, the pay-off is substantial and is good for everyone.
We will do our best to continually monitor the best safety precautions that we can offer and I would like to wish all of our valued customers a better 2021 even though now it appears it may be a slower start than we would have wished!
Take Care and we look forward to seeing you soon.
Niall and the team.

Author: Niall

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