Nervous Patients

Sweaty Palms, increased heart rate and dry mouth…unfortunately for many people their “fear of the dentist” can affect them in many ways.

It can be as simple as mild anxiety and in some cases (which we have seen!) a phobia so great that they cannot cross the threshold of the practice unless in extreme pain. This is often due to a previous bad experience which is nearly always associated with poor communication between the patient/dentist. In our opinion, if the dentist is unaware or uncaring of the discomfort that the patient is in, then only bad things happen.


It can be very hard to treat nervous patients but it has to start with good communication and honesty between the individuals involved. Only then can trust be built and only then is it possible for the patient to feel as if their needs are being met. It involves both dentist and patient meeting each other half-way and at Market Green Dental Care the whole team are on hand to help you through that initial visit and hopefully on to a much happier relationship with your Dentist for the future.

We can help achieve this goal in a few ways…

  • Initial appointment at the beginning of a session so no “hanging around”!
  • Exam only on the first visit so that you get a feel for the place/ staff
  • TOGETHER deciding on a treatment plan that is acceptable to both patient and dentist and incrementally start with the more basic procedures to help attain some confidence
  • Explain things as we go so there are no surprises.
  • It can help to prescribe anti-anxiety medicine for certain procedures and this can be discussed where appropriate.

It may also help to know that Dr Sharkey has very steady hands!

This was demonstrated in a real way when he won the overall prize for “Sensodyne Sensitive Dentist of the Year” award. We are very proud of this as it demonstrates our commitment to caring for our patients and also because it was a Patient-based Survey where they gave their own personal account of their experience at our practice!