Amalgam Usage…Changes

FYI.. Recent review of the use of Amalgam in Dentistry has prompted the Irish Dental Council to recommend the avoiding the use of Amalgam in children under age 13 yrs.

It has been under steady international review since the Minamata Convention and there seems to be a global trend to phasing out Amalgam over the coming years. It is still considered safe to use for an individual but it’s the waste disposal of unused product that forms the main stumbling block with it’s ongoing usage in Dentistry.

At MGDC we have this safety  at the forefront of our minds when Amalgam is used and we have procedures in place to manage Amalgam from when it arrives  to eventual waste disposal! Starting with safe storage in Capsules before use, to the use of Specialised Containers for any unused excess mixed! Then the Waste Amalgam that is removed from the mouth via suction is separated before it ever reaches the Public Water Supply using special centrifugal filtration equipment that absorbs/retains any particulate matter that is present in the water lines. Added to this we use a reputable Disposal Company for the safe removal offsite and incineration/disposal of all Waste products present in  the Dental Practice.

This allows us to be ever-vigilant and happy that all Amalgam usage is appropriate and safe! Please note, that not all Dental Chairs allow these particular safeguards to be met and we are proud that we have been using this approach for the past 10 years! We will continue to keep Patient and Environmental Safety at the forefront so that all our patients can be assured they are in an appropriate Clinical setting and in good hands!

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Author: Niall

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