Medical Card Entitlements

Medical Card Holders (not to be confused with a GP -only Card) are entitled to a certain amount of Dentistry under this scheme. The scheme has changed over the years  and entitlements have reduced to what is listed below! (this is valid as of 2016)

  1. Dental Examination. This is covered once every calendar year.
  2. Two Emergency Fillings per calendar year. If a patient is in pain or has a significant loss of tooth structure, then two fillings per year are covered. Temporary or Provisional Fillings are not covered!

Note: If any restoration/filling has been carried out on an individual tooth within the previous 5 years, then it is not covered again under the Medical Card Scheme until a 5-year period has elapsed. This can now be checked/verified by the practice online in moments. Otherwise, any treatment will be Private in nature.

3. Any Routine Extractions are covered. Difficult Surgical Extractions require review with the Dentist beforehand.

4. Prescription Pain Relief and Antibiotics are also available under he scheme.

Please note that all other treatments (including a Scale+ Polish) are not covered and treatment beyond that listed above will be fully Private!